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This is a fanlisting for Yukimura Seiichi, the third year captain of the Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu tennis team in Tennis no Oujisama. He's supposed to be some badass player, one of the best in the country, but we only get to see him play for like five seconds. Maybe that'll change when they finish the Nationals OVA. When he is first introduced in the series, he's in the hospital with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (which is complete and utter crap, given his symptoms and that you don't get surgery for Guillain-Barre.... Konomi has since admitted to making a mistake :P) Info about said syndrome is here.

Quoting from the manga, Genius 215, page 7. "It seems to be a disease of the immune system whose causes are unknown. It typically begins with weakness in the arms and legs, and eventually the body will lose its ability to move around freely. If the situation worses, the respiratory system can become paralyzed and the patient will have trouble breathing, talking or even eating. The disease reaches its peak 2 weeks after the initial outbreak." "Can it be cured.." "At the earliest, it will take at least one month. At the latest, it could take over a year...."
(Kudos go out to swiegwo for translating that chapter xP Loff you dude)
However with a bit of research, you'll discover his GB is fake. You can't cure it with surgery and all that jazz. 8D Way to go, Konomi-sensei! You gave us a gimp.

Yukimura, along with Sanada Genichirou and Yanagi Renji have been on the regulars team since first year, and make up the heart of the team that won the National Tournament two years running.


In the anime, Yukimura is voiced by Nagai Sachiko, and she has released two character cds for him (Shinjitsu and Yume no Tsuzuki), as well as a song on the Love of Prince -BITTER- PS2 game's vocal cd (Jibun ni Shika Mienai Hikari). In the musicals (Musical Tennis no Oujisama: ABSOLUTE KING Rikkaidai featuring Rokkaku ~First Service~, Dream Live 4th, ABSOLUTE KING Rikkaidai featuring Higa ~Second Service, and The Progressive Match Higa featuring Rikkai, and Dream Live 5th) he is played by the ridiculously skinny Yagami Ren.


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